Meet Drs. Kevin Giangrasso and Prerna Arora

We are psychologists who believe that there should be no mysteries in therapy. Clients seek us out because their children and families are looking for support, and it is our job to find the most effective ways to help. Those goals should be clear to us, to you, and to your child.

Therapy should be practical and warm. It should also be evidence-based and scientific. This means that the tools and approaches we use in the office are going to be based in the available clinical research evidence. We are the experts in child and adolescent psychology and you are the expert in yourself, your child, and your family. We come together with those areas of expertise to collaboratively solve problems with compassion and understanding.

Therapy should be active. Life is not lived while sitting on a couch and neither should therapy be. Whether its with a game, getting out of the office for an activating walk or to perform an 'in vivo' experiment, it is our job to help you and your family get up and get engaged with the difficulties you face; and to find answers.

Finally, therapy should be serious. It our responsibility to offer you excellent care and we take that seriously. This is our professional responsibility.

If you think that our approach is a good fit for you and your family, don't hesitate to reach out.